We are capital rose

Capital Rose is a creative group. We are a family company, specialized in the world behind images, inventing concepts and the realization of projects.
We believe there are no boundaries, only challenges and that every project is unique. We love what we do.

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Ideas and teamwork, that’s what it’s all about. Doesn’t matter if it’s a commercial-, an educative- or an art-department project. Nowadays visualization is increasingly important when we think about   serious communication. We have ideas, and together with your knowledge, our combined expertise can ‘conquer the world’. Together we realize your imagination.



Realising new ideas in modern education methods requires knowledge, enthusiasm and perseverance. You know your goals, we have the knowledge to achieve them in the right way. What is possible budget wise? How and where to apply the images? How do we get optimal results? Blended or completely digital? Together we know the solution.



Optimum use of the available time, budget and possibilities is important to you and us. When it comes to the visualisation of your script or idea, we can help. Unpretentious craftsmanship, combined with the knowledge to create the right ambience. Independently or with a team, the results count. We know what we are talking about.


Let's create something together!

We're looking forward to new adventures