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“SM and Healthcare”

Capital Rose did produce “SM and Healthcare” with/commissioned by Forta Groep Rotterdam.
Forta is creating its first entirely online doctors and aid workers course and Capital Rose had the honor to produce the extensive and sensitive visual footage.

The course has been developed and written by Marijke Vonk (MSc), also responsible for a number of lectures. Additionally, a number of experts in this field participated. All supported by outspoken interviews from BDSM scene members.

The course consists of 16 compulsory educational films and bonus material for further deepening. The material includes interviews and lectures, all recorded on location.
All recordings were done, because of the sensitivity of the subject, with the smallest possible crew. The material has become very relevant and enriching thanks to the close cooperation between Marijke Vonk and the Capital Rose team. Jeroen Thomassen, Project manager “Training Centre” at Forta Groep, did supervise “SM and Healthcare”.

The total volume of the course footage is 6 hours. Responsibility at Capital Rose; Director Marchien Bel (BFA) and producer dr. Nic. Bel (PhD MA)

The course “SM and Healthcare” is a certified course, where the participants, in case of successful completion, receive study points. These are necessary for the compulsory annual refreshment courses, for medical doctors and aid workers in The Netherlands.

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