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Golden Award visuals & films Capital Rose

belma_logoThis year Cornelsen publishers, Berlin, won the prestigious BELMA gold award. The Best European Learning Materials Awards are presented every year to high quality educational materials that have been produced in any country in Europe. An international jury of experts evaluates all products and gives written feedback on the entries, describing the strengths and weaknesses.

Capital Rose congratulates especially author Angela Lloid and senior-editor Susanne  Schütz  with this outstanding result. Also we are very proud of our Capital Rose team that is involved in the method. Our ideas, visuals and films where -from the start- an important part of the whole. It is the input from the entire team that makes this method so special and strong.

The English language method ‘Simply Business’ was gold awarded in category 4

Post-secondary education

The category comprises post-secondary and tertiary education for students from the ages of 17/18. This may include all kinds of materials for state and private institutions and for self-study.

The evaluation of the method ‘Simply Business’ by the jury was as follows;

  • Very relevant settings and business situations
  • High level of transparency (introduction, example solutions) Complex, real-life and varied video-related tasks
  • Strong intercultural (and gender equality) awareness
  • Clear structure with suitably concise content selection
  • The whole course has a very modern look and feel – and very much a “business” feel.
  • The audio and video components are authentic and interesting.
  • There is a variety of accents from Europe and around the world, making this a very international book.
  • The layout is very clear and structured.
  • The illustrations always serve a definite purpose.
  • There is a progress check after each unit which encourages true self-assessment
  • There is good support on a website with vocabulary lists, grammar summaries, etc.
  • There is also relevant and useful support for teachers with lesson plans and differentiation exercises The page player app is a gimmick, albeit an interesting one.
  • Attractively produced in a modern and user-friendly style The emphasis is very practical and relevant to the work-place The English is colloquial and informal where appropriate
  • There is a wide variety of different kinds of English
  • There is an interesting selection of work-place contexts
  • The online component provides useful additional material and is easy to use.

The Capital Rose team is proud to realise these original stills and footage, shot all over Europe, at a price appropriate to the educational world. Winning quality for an affordable budget.

All winners BELMA'16

All winners BELMA’16