Deep Dive PwC

The ‘Springer Press’ Deep Dive

Together with and commissioned by ‘Kager-159 works‘, the Capital Rose team was involved by the ‘Springer Press’ Deep Dive for PwC. The audience group are young professionals about 20-25 year old, working in ‘Reward Teams’ or other teams within the business units ‘People and Organisation’. The course is launched as a blended course with interactive training sessions.

At this case study where real-life (drama) situations with a dilemma, a dispute or a potential dispute between the management board (executives) and supervisory board (non-executives) on the company’s remuneration policy…

Capital Rose did the visualisation of the ‘Kager-159 works’ scripts. All situation shot in the right office surroundings, with semi-professional actors, knowing the feel and looks of this kind of situations. Language; Continental English. The visual input of the Capital Rose team at this Deep Dive consisted of six movies, stills, artwork and photography.