Simply Business Trailer ’16

Simply Business Trailer ’16

For Simply Business Capital Rose filmed the last three years all over Europe. We met real people with real jobs in several cities. All interviews, statements and advices where part of the structure of this very modern and progressive English Business method.

The method and the accompanying footage was an example during the last IATEFL BESIG Conference in Barcelona, where the films were given as examples of an optimal learning blend in a language method.

Kristen Acquaviva;

“Some see showing a video as a proverbial ‘bonbon’ that you can offer a group as a reward –a break from the ‘real work’ of learning English. Yet videos can do so much more than that.
Amongst other things, we can use videos to introduce and engage learners with topics or skill areas, expose them to authentic English and a range of global Englishes, raise awareness of common mistakes and not just talk about the business world, but actually show them it.
We’ll share some examples from Cornelsen’s Simply Business series to show you how you can use videos purposefully with your learners.
We’ll also look at how to avoid the ‘faff’ which sometimes puts us off using videos in class.”

Mercedes Viola;

“Storytelling plays a vital role in business environments. lt is a powerful tool to build relationships, inspire people and create networks. In the corporate world stories are used to transmit values and expected behaviours from employees. Research has shown that storytelling is the best way to articulate a business’s vision.
lt is also used as a way of tapping into informal channels of communication and to promote learning from one another.
lt is crucial that we help our students develop their storytelling skills in English and that we facilitate them the language they need in order to elicit stories from others; in that way they will beable to communicate in English in a much more efficient and natural way.”

Simply Business is designed for adults who want to use English effectively. The course offers a hands-on approach to Business English and is ideal for in-house corporate training and language schools. Reflecting global trends, Simply Business helps learners develop awareness of and sensitivity to different accents, varieties of English and different communication styles. Simply Business, write by Angela Lloyd is brought by Cornelsen Berlin. The Capital Rose team is very proud of its involvement and input into the method.