The Male-tester

The new series ‘De Mannentester’ (The Male-tester) will be available on KPN TV from April 22nd.
Victoria Kramer (Eva van de Wijdeven) is a 31-year-old femme fatale, who is hired by wives, friends and other interested parties to test their men.

The seductive Victoria feels flawlessly how to seduce the man in question and is able to transform as a chameleon. Manipulation, temptation and lies lead to a ruthless demise of her victims.
In ten episodes, a tragic family drama, full of human weaknesses, unanswered questions and lies, also unravelled. With a surprising end to both Victoria and the viewer…

The series is produced by Endemol Shine. Capital Rose was involved, working for and together with Corrino’s art-department. Production design Tess Ellis and Joyce van Diepen.
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